Episode 79 - Expensive Parallel Mopping

August 8, 2017

In this specialized episode, our heroes talk about why cheap keeps up with expensive, how specializations can help a career, and the "Blue Screen of Death." Joey Talks about charging more for projects he doesn't want to work on, James talks about his new magazine subscription, and they both try to sell Joey's guitar. No mops were harmed in the recording of this episode... though they were certainly missed.  


Episode 78 - Start The Podcast

August 1, 2017

In this false starting episode, our heroes are joined by Katrina Griffiths (co-host of @veritypodcast & @xanister on Twitter) to talk about her new podcast, Start The Music! (@startmusicpod) where she dives into where music begins, BEFORE the rest of us hear it.  James steers the conversation into the idea of "hate" in art, Joey insists on "taking the money," and they come to the conclusion that censorship is tricky.  Of note, Mary Lee piped up afterwards with a warning about the legal ramifications of the line where art crosses into hate...  but it was after the group was cut off by the hour time limit, which is already longer than these hosts should ever talk.

Episode 77 - New Jazz Career Goals

July 25, 2017

In this freshly oriented episode, our heroes are joined by Jazz Matthews of Dog Rump Creek Music to talk about what happens AFTER the recording studio.  Lessons learned, measuring success, and the division of roles are discussed, while James rants politics, Joey comments on social structure, and the group entertain their audience of Mary, Taelor, and Pepper the pup.  Also, don't forget the cliffhanger...

Episode 76 - Dynamic Monotony

July 18, 2017

In this monolithich episode, out heroes talk song dynamics, mixing in mono, and reference mixes.  Joey dismisses the value of checking your mono, James tries desperately to disengage Joey's monotony, and they together only complete have of the planned episode but still manage to talk forever...

Episode 75 - Screaming Baby Sound Effects

July 11, 2017

In this wailing episode, our screaming heroes talk renting pro audio gear, using the studio as a daycare, and field recording.  Joey complains about lazy co-workers, James whines about musical chaos, and they plan a future of sound effects recording.  There's also a snoring puppy on Joey's lap, keeping it warm.  

Episode 74 - 45 Messages Later

July 4, 2017

In this impotent episode, our heroes talk disapointing fireworks, lazy emails, and language bariers. Joey complains about only having 14 hours every day to rest and relax, James takes on an interesting studio challenge, Mary Lee peanut galleries over her wonky kneecap.  

Episode 73 - “Crappy Filing System that is my Brain”

June 27, 2017

In this misfiled episode, our heroes lazily regurgitate potential falsehoods of headphone electronics, discuss loudness vs volume, and ponder of how to identify a mediocre song.  Joey is slowly going deaf, James has a poor memory, and Mary Lee is sleeping in the corner.  What else was I supposed to remember...?

Episode 72 - Un-Ban the Naked Gun

June 20, 2017

In this revealing episode, our hero James is joined by Cody Blakely (The Nielsens & Unban Jace) for a conversation about his recording experience at Vancouver studio, Rain City Recorders. We talk microphones, recording processes, time lines, and mixing 15 songs in 2 days.  Joey walks in with 20 minutes to go, and they continue the gear geekery to the last minute.  12 minutes turn into 49, for certain!

The Nielsens


Unban Jace


Episode 71 - Mouth Noise Makes US Crazy

June 13, 2017

In this contentious episode, our heroes debate the merit of De-Essers vs manual editing, tackle the value of cosmetics in relation to price, and contemplate the relevance of analog equipment.  Joey talks business to a class of audio students, James talks about bass player problems, and a human being sleeps on Joey's lap.

Episode 70 - “Let’s Go Back To My Place”

June 6, 2017

In this "Plan B" of an episode, our heroes talk ignorant customers, cowardly managers, and Joey's favourite compressors. James' considers walking through an analog mix he recently did, Joey refuses to sing a song, and Mary Lee peanut gallery's the event.  Plus, Pepper the studio puppy turns 1 years old.